Showers. 2.

What perversion of the mind besets the brains of bathroom designers? Surely, after a couple of hundred years of bathing, we, as a species, would have clearly defined rules about how to place a shower head.

Again it has happened to me in this hotel. I am so afraid of turning on the water to the shower and being blasted by an atomised spray of freezing water (usually enough to bounce off my arm and into my face) that when I turn on the shower, it is the same analogy of the snake catching spoken of in the other shower post. And it never works.

Come on guys. Place the shower head above the tap or faucet, and if you’re trying to make a design statement and absolutely need to place the thing somewhere else, give us hotel-livers a little stick with which to turn on the tap.

It’s almost the most stressful thing in my life to turn on the shower and see if I can outsmart the jet of water coming from some hidden orifice.

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